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Tim and Pam Beam and Friends
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ABOUT Wishing Well

Welcome to the Wishing Well page!

We’re glad you’re interested in helping build wells and giving the gift of clean water!

On this page, you can: 1) Donate to an existing fundraiser; 2) Create a Page to have your own Wishing Well fundraising page; or 3) Search for existing fundraisers.

If you're creating your own page: It's easy! First, think about a fundraising goal that's reachable. You can always increase your goal later! Click on the "Create my Wishing Well" button below. Create a login, and once on your new page add your photo & some words to inspire your friends and family to join you by donating to this worthy cause. Then share your page's link via email and social media to raise funds for a water well! To pay for a complete new well you'll want to raise US $8,000, and if you do, we'll contact you to find out the words you'd like on your dedication plaque that gets affixed to the water well.

Any questions? Please email: wishingwell@waterwellsforafrica.org

Thank you...and we wish you WELL with your fundraising efforts! Let's save and improve lives together. :-)

Name Date Amount Comments
Timothy Beam 12/27/2022 $8,324.97 Please help us give something as simple as water to those who do not have access to it . We will match 100% of every donation, until our goal of $ 24,000 for 3 wells is reached.
  Total $8,324.97  
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